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Sanjhi Sehat applies the PLA approach to ensure community participation in tackling health, nutrition, water and sanitation issues

Since 2010, with support from the Madhya Pradesh Technical Assistance and Support Team (MPTAST), the PLA approach based on community mobilisation was implemented in Madhya Pradesh.

Issues of maternal and neonatal health, nutrition and hygiene are addressed in a participatory manner through 22 community meetings in one project cycle.

Designing ABM Training Module in Hindi and English for UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh

 Under the Atal Bihari Bajpai Bal Arogya Evam Poshan Mission, a five-day training module for ICDS health frontline functionaries (AWWs) was developed by UNICEF, Bhopal.

Executive Summary: What we have learnt so far; CARE India, RACHNA Program

The documentation enlightens on the experiences, lessons learnt and findings of the USAID funded, Reproductive and Child Health, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS Program RACHNA of CARE-India in a collection of technical papers. Decline in malnutrition among children is the fruitful outcome of the five-year experience that would form a future platform of motivation to continue to work to reach global and national development goals for child health and nutrition in India.