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UNDP-Supported Legal Aid Services For people living with HIV in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

Worldwide, especially in India there is growing evidence of the links between HIV and the denial of property and inheritance rights to women and children who are HIV positive. In 2007, seven Legal Aid Clinics (LACs) for people living with HIV were set up in high prevalence districts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. A report of this pilot intervention envisages us on the success of this intervention.


PROJECT AXSHYA. A Civil Society Initiative to Strengthen TB Care and Control in India

Project Axshya builds a new dimension to TB control in India – community ‘ownership’ through civil society led public health programming. Through its innovative interventions focusing on Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilisation, Project Axshya is strengthening the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) to achieve its objective of Universal Access to TB services.

Legislators take the lead – Report on the Launch of Bihar Legislators’ Forum on HIV and AIDS

The danger of HIV and AIDS epidemics are spreading far and wide at a very alarming nature in India. To build public awareness and to pull the people out of this dreadful quagmire, the honorable members of the Bihar Legislature have formed the Bihar Legislatures’ Forum on HIV/AIDS. The documentation highlights the significant role of the Forum in order to provide better health services to the people.