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Trading Up - Agribusiness and Trade, Big business dwarfing development

This issue of Trading Up focuses on a different perspective of agribusiness and its link to trade, highlighting the growing influence of select agribusiness firms in global agricultural trade.

Anti-dumping Protection: Who Gets It?

This working paper investigates the pattern of anti-dumping use at the industry and firm levels, across most active anti-dumping user countries, during the period 1995-2004.

HIV Clinical Staging and Case Reporting, Participant Manual

This training module aims to educate the participants to set up an HIV case reporting system.

Facilitator Training Guide for HIV Surveillance

The modules and courses in this document use case studies, exercises, discussions and presentations to focus on developing protocols, processes and action plans for surveillance activities.

National Knowledge Commission, Report to the Nation 2006

This report highlights the initiatives taken by the National Knowledge Commission and the recommendations submitted to the Prime Minister.