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Our Team

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New Concept Information Systems was set up in 1988 by professionals belonging to diverse disciplines. We are a unique multi-dimensional, multi-faceted organisation. We have leveraged our diversity to provide a comprehensive package of quality services in the field of social development.

  • Geetha Ravishankar, Director – Business Development

Expertise – Business Strategy and Design Concepts

Geetha is one of our founding directors and has directed our business operations over the last 22 years. She has been a key force in establishing our creative design and production aspects of the business. Her keen sense of design and visuals, engendered by her academic background in architecture and planning, helps New Concept set its design standards. She has a thorough understanding of the social development sector based on many years of experience with several leading agencies.

Geetha studied urban planning at Columbia University (USA), following a B. Arch course from Madras University and worked as a Programme Coordinator - Madhya Pradesh for the Danish International Development Agency, (DANIDA) till she took on the challenge of building New Concept.

  • Vimala Ramakrishnan, Director – Marketing

Expertise - Social Research and Capacity Building; Sectors; Public Health, Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood

Vimala has 34 years of work experience in social development and  has  worked extensively with Government and Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Donor agencies as well as in academic institutions and Indian and international NGOs. One of the founding directors of New Concept Information Systems, Vimala has led the company’s projects on primary and secondary research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and social mobilization across a hundred districts or more in a dozen states in the country. She has cross-sector experience that has contributed to her thorough knowledge of policies and programmes in education, public health, women's empowerment, poverty and governance. She is a highly qualified trainer and has led and facilitated many workshops and participatory sessions for various stakeholders including government officials, project personnel, community leaders, women and youth.

A social work postgraduate from Madras University, she was working as Consultant to Danish International Development Agency, (DANIDA) on Training, Education and Community Mobilization) before she took up the task of building New Concept.

  •  S. Raghavan, Director – Operations 

Expertise – Project MIS, Knowledge Management, Policy & Analytical Documentation; Sectors: Education, Public Health & Governance

With more than 22 years work experience and as one of the founding directors of New Concept Information Systems, Raghavan is proficient in areas as diverse as policy and advocacy documentation, operations research, data management and analysis, systems analysis, design and implementation of computerized systems and costing and financial management.  He has managed several of New Concept’s significant projects over the years, including large scale surveys (across 8 states in Education), policy documentation in Health and Child Rights, setting up of large MIS, web-based repositories and databases (on TB, Maternal Mortality),  Advocacy publications in print and on web for TB, HIV/AIDS, etc.
His knowledge and experienced leadership has given New Concept an edge in the Education sector – issues of quality and cost effectiveness of primary education through evaluation of programmes, review of curriculum and cost and financing of programmes and projects.

Raghavan is an engineering graduate and post-graduate in management from McMaster University (Canada), and has more than 30 years of experience in the IT and social development domains.

  • Uma Seth, Director – Finance

Expertise – MIS, Financial & Management Accounting, Documentation

Uma is, in the main, responsible for the Financial, Costing and Treasury functions in New Concept. She has been directing the book-keeping and financial operations of the company since the last 11 years. Besides her core competency of financial/management accounts, she has strong analytical skills and considerable experience in documentation and evaluation studies.

She is a chartered accountant and a post-graduate in Agricultural Economics from North Carolina State University (USA).

  • Vidya Raghavan, Assistant Director  – Communications

Expertise – Advocacy, BCC, communication strategy & creatives, Print & Web media; Sectors: Public Health, Education, Livelihood
Vidya Raghavan, with more than 20 years of experience with the organization excels in executing communication projects - developing BCC/IEC strategy, conceptualising a wide repertoire of audio-visual and print communication material and taking them to completion. Her knowledge of BCC programs at the national level and in particular states, and her rigour for quality and innovation has positioned New Concept as a leader in this domain.

  • Sudha Nair, Head – Branch Operations

Expertise: Advocacy, BCC, communication strategy & creatives, documentation; Sectors: Health, Disaster Preparedness, SHGs & Income generation
Sudha has been instrumental in establishing New Concept’s presence in the development sector in Andhra Pradesh. She leads projects in Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states She has successfully built lasting relations with many clients and made wide contacts with funders and implementing agencies, resulting in positive growth of our business. She has substantial experience in print and audio-visual documentation, development of BCC/IEC strategies and conceptualization of advocacy material, as well as in process and policy documentation.

She is a postgraduate in Science from IIT (Mumbai) with a postgraduate diploma in communications from Xavier’s Institute of Communication (Mumbai).

  • Pravin Ramteke, Manager – Marketing

Expertise: ICT, Survey, Web-based data base & repository, Web design

Pravin leads the marketing team at New Concept.  During his tenure of a decade with the organization he has acquired experience in projects in e-training, data management and analysis and Information Communication Technology (ICT) across the health, education and poverty alleviation sub-sectors. Pravin uses this to advantage to strategise the marketing endeavours of New Concept. He is an avid techy and very versatile in IT application to aspects of his work from developing a web-based information system to an audio-visual presentation using the latest softwares.

He is a postgraduate in Engineering from IIT Madras.

  • Ramesh Dogra, Manager – Creative Design Production

Ramesh heads the design and production floor. He has over 20 years of experience in design, pre-press and print. His in-depth knowledge of current design software, print media and materials has helped NC maintain its edge in design and print quality.
He has extensive experience in understanding design specifications and using the latest available tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe In design, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Flash, and Microsoft Office.
He is a graduate from Shimla University, Himachal Pradesh and holds several certified courses in design & layout.

  • Romi Mukker, Manager – Publications Group

Romi has over 20 years of experience in public relations, advertising and printing. He leads the publication section at New Concept. His understanding of social development issues and his ability to compile and bring reports and documents to finalization has enabled New Concept to reach out to many clients.  His command of the language and comprehension of the subject are his key strengths.
Romi is a postgraduate in English literature from St. Stephen College, Delhi.

  • Sanjay Tiwari, Senior Manager – Research & Surveys

Sanjay has 20 years of work experience include consultancy with Finance Empowered Procurement Wing (EPW), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and work with Education Development Centre, Aga Khan Foundation, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation and New Concept Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Sanjay is proficient in assessments, analysis, procurement, budgetary planning, implementation of financial management best practices, development of training frameworks, and monitoring and evaluation strategies, documentation of best practices, surveys, qualitative and quantitative research, and data analysis. With Nw Concept, Sanjay has managed a sizeable number of large and medium scale studies in education, agriculture, health, nutriton, poverty and livelihoods.

Sanjay has a Masters degree in Business Administration with a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application and Systems Analysis.

  • Sheena Chadda, Manager – Analytical Documentation Group

Sheena has over 15 years of experience in the social development sector and leads the documentation team at New Concept. Her ability to comprehend and analyse the situation and issues in a project and her insistence on quality has helped New Concept set new standards for analytical and process documentation.
Sheena has brought to New Concept the advantage of previous experience in programmes of watershed and water management, agriculture and natural resources with established agencies.
She holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Environmental Management, Middlesex University, London, U.K.

  • K. Aruna, Manager  – Operations Chennai

Aruna completed her MSW from Stella Maris College, Chennai in 1995 and did her PGDPM&IR from Annamalai University.  She has professional experience of 15 years in managing Socio-Economic Development Projects and Programmes. Proficient in facilitating training sessions, identifying and assessing formal and informal training needs at the community with different stakeholders and NGOs.

Aruna is currently working in New Concept Information system Pvt Ltd as Manager – Business development. She is in charge for Marketing and Clientele Service, Project Management Liaison with Government departments NGO’s and Corporate groups. She likes debating on social issues, linkages with structural and systemic issues and being part of social change in this society.

  • Sai Sudha, Manager  – Operations, Bhubaneswar

In her capacity as leader of New Concept’s interests in Orissa, she has led several documentation and research projects for the state government in areas of health, education, income generation, etc.  Under Sai’s leadership, New Concept at Bhubaneswar has become one of the preferred professional agencies for carrying out various aspects of survey, assessments, documentation and advocacy. Her dedicated management of projects has contributed to the strengthening of efficiencies and capacities at the Bbsr office and to its steady growth over the last few years. She has had hands-on experience of bringing out high quality communication materials and publications while working in New Concept's Delhi office.
Sai has a master's in mass communications and journalism.

  • Varsha Chanda, Senior Consultant  – Capacity Building and Communication

Expertise: Training, Documentation, Evaluation, Module Preparation, Project Planning.

Varsha has over 15 years of experience and has organised and conducted several training for a variety of audiences including administrative staff of Government institutes, teachers, students,  NGO personnel, master trainers, on issues of environment and development, rural development, NRM, women's issues and gender initiatives with focus on reproductive health, child rights, SHGs, PRA, RBM/LFA, HIV/AIDS. Varsha worked on a number of capacity building projects with New Concept which includes community mobilisation through group communications sessions, training of front line functionaries (maternal & child health), SHG groups, sensitisation of police on HIV/AIDS and development of training modules for NYKS, for NVBDCP, etc.

Varsha is a Post Graduate in Biotechnology from Mumbai.

  • Taru Bahl, Senior Consultant – Communications

Taru has over 20 years experience in writing, editing, conceptualizing innovative formats and ideating with teams engaged in both media and the development sector. She has synergized different skill-sets in the magazine-newspaper-health communication-internet domain in a creative and meaningful manner. She has been involved in various documentation projects for clients like UNICEF, WHO, USAID, Ministry of Health and Welfare among others. These projects included undertaking process documentation of various state government programmes and NGO campaigns, workshop documentation, documenting of best practices and case studies of projects by visiting project sites and interviewing multiple stakeholders.  Taru has been working with New Concept on a number of assignments, including media consultations in Uttar Pradesh on immunization for UNICEF, she has contibuted regularly to writing for the NACO newsletter that was designed and printed by New Concept.

Taru has a degree in BA Economics from Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi.