Session on Communication at the Sub-National Training of Trainers on Malaria Elimination

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Dhaara Seminar New Concept facilitated a session on 'Communication' during Sub National training of trainers on Malaria Elimination in India on 8th Dec 2017, organised by WHO and NVBDCP in Delhi.

There were about 40 participants from different states and ToT was held under leadership of Dr. Ortega, Team Leader, Global Malaria Programme, WHO HQ,Geneva.

Our lead trainer from New Concept, Dr. Amarnidhi facilitated the session with a brief presentation on SBCC in the context of Malaria and broad segmentation of target audience for communication. The presentation was followed by group work.

The groups addressed the following questions:

What has been done so far in terms of BCC strategy
What results have been seen
What have been the challenges (Barriers as well as enablers)
What needs to be done further

IEC and BCC are considered synonyms and current efforts have focused only on distribution of leaflets, putting up banners, hoardings and a film.

BCC has brought results in TN, as now people come to service centre for treatment and now they all use LLINs

Regarding challenges and barriers: “people have their own beliefs, do not seek services, go to traditional healers, do not listen”

Malaria elimination programme should have a brand ambassador like TB and SBM.

There was general agreement that the family should not be dissuaded from going to traditional healer but should also be motivated to additionally seek health services.

In order to ensure to ensure FLFs are able to give appropriate messages to community, strong advocacy is required at highest level for provision of capacity building of service providers at all levels on communication skills.

The session ended with the following slide.

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