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Safe Cities Initiative In Madhya Pradesh

 Violence and Women and Girls (VAWG) has emerged as one of the foremost concerns in recent years. As part of the Madhya Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Investment Programme (MPUIIP), DFID is funding the Safe Cities Initiative (referred to as ‘the Programme’) which is being delivered in 250 slums across four cities: Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore and Jabalpur.

Study for Safe Cities Project for Jagori & UNIFEM

New Concept conducted a baseline survey aimed at getting a clear picture of the nature and incidence of violence against women in public spaces around the city as well as gather information on perceptions and attitudes of people i

Improving Healthy Behaviors Program (IHBP) website Launched

The Improving Healthy Behaviors Program (IHBP), managed by FHI Development 360 (formerly AED), is a three-year technical assistance project, with two additional option years, designed to strengthen institutional capacity of government at the national, state, and district levels to design, deliver, and evaluate strategic communication programs focusing on behavior change.


Bihar Social Welfare Minister launches website of Department

The Department of Social Welfare (DoSW) became an independent department on the subject of Women and Child Development on April 1, 2007. The key mandate of the Department is the protection of the interests and rights of women, children, older persons and persons with disabilities, with focus on the marginalised sections of society.

Design of desktop calendar 2012, for MoPR-UNDP CDLG Project

UNDP has produced a calendar under the CDLG project. The calendar is designed to present the various roles of the Panchayat and the benefits of inclusive development facilitated through regular events like Gram Sabha. Each page of the calendar is talking about a particular aspect of development that can be established through an active and effective Panchayat system. The themes include Gender relations, Social Inclusion, Accountability and Transparency, local planning and development, Education, Employment, Health, utilities, Local resources, Capacity development, Needs assessment and CB&T interventions, and Monitoring and Impact Evaluation.