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Developing Capacity Building and Communication Material on State Adaptations of National Iron plus Initiative Program

The Government of India (GoI) in 2013 launched National Iron Plus Initiative as an attempt to look at Iron Deficiency Anemia comprehensively across all life stages including adolescents and women in reproductive age group who are not pregnant or lactating.

Micronutrient Initiative Organization had hired New Concept for the development of capacity building and communication material on state adaptations of National Iron plus Initiative Program. In the briefing meeting, some background materials were also shared.

Communication tools for addressing sanitation issues in Gujarat for UNICEF

New Concept was commissioned to develop the content of communication tools for a sanitation campaign to be launched by UNICEF, Gujarat to address sanitation and hygiene issues. The scope of work included field assessment in three districts of Gujarat (Kachch, Junagadh and Narmada) prior to content development and pretesting of content in two districts of Gujarat (Narmada and Rajkot).

Identification and analytical documentation of demonstrated successful practices in social inclusion to inform public discourse.

Persistent, and often increasing, inequalities is largely the result of ‘social exclusion’, whereby groups of people (based on their identity) are denied rights to fully participate in society, leading to material and other forms of deprivation. In recognition of this, UNICEF India has placed social inclusion as a central pillar in its current country programme, parallel with the theme of inclusive growth articulated in India’s 11th Five Year Plan. In lieu of this strategic understanding, UNICEF India has recognized that a broad-based analysis of lessons from NGO and other initiatives working in social development and towards reducing disparities and exclusion will contribute to furthering both, UNICEF’s own work in the area, as well as government policy and action.

UTSAVA – A celebration of struggle against Oppression, and the Dalit Foundation Brochure

Dalit Foundation is a non-government organization, the first grant making institution in south Asia working for the empowerment of dalit communities, established in 2003. Dalit Foundation organized a series of Regional Dalit Cultural Festivals “UTSAVA” – A celebration of struggle against oppression, from all over India, showcasing and celebrating Dalit music, art and craft, theatre etc. The events are highlighted in this document.