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UTSAVA – A celebration of struggle against Oppression, and the Dalit Foundation Brochure

Dalit Foundation is a non-government organization, the first grant making institution in south Asia working for the empowerment of dalit communities, established in 2003. Dalit Foundation organized a series of Regional Dalit Cultural Festivals “UTSAVA” – A celebration of struggle against oppression, from all over India, showcasing and celebrating Dalit music, art and craft, theatre etc. The events are highlighted in this document.

PROJECT AXSHYA. A Civil Society Initiative to Strengthen TB Care and Control in India

Project Axshya builds a new dimension to TB control in India – community ‘ownership’ through civil society led public health programming. Through its innovative interventions focusing on Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilisation, Project Axshya is strengthening the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) to achieve its objective of Universal Access to TB services.