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UNICEF releases ABM Training Module in Hindi and English

Under the Atal Bihari Bajpai Bal Arogya Evam Poshan Mission, a five day training module for ICDS health frontline functionaries (AWWs) was developed. This training module was produced keeping in mind the fact that AWWs should be well informed and confident about using the available mechanisms and platforms for increasing coverage of evidence based interventions as well as have the required skills for performing their tasks effectively.

A Toolkit on Tribal Laws

Tribal/indigenous people are among the most marginalized, exploited and vulnerable groups in our society. Over the years, they have become a disadvantaged and neglected lot. They are also being increasingly displaced from their customary lands and deprived of their natural resources by various vested interests; as a consequence of their exclusion, they are also victims of human rights violations.

HLFPPT Desk Calendar 2012

Swagati Calendar 2012 has been conceptualized and designed by New Concept to depict the result of the Swagati project in pre-transition process and concept of Targeted Intervention (TI) transition to the community.

Design of desktop calendar 2012, for MoPR-UNDP CDLG Project

UNDP has produced a calendar under the CDLG project. The calendar is designed to present the various roles of the Panchayat and the benefits of inclusive development facilitated through regular events like Gram Sabha. Each page of the calendar is talking about a particular aspect of development that can be established through an active and effective Panchayat system. The themes include Gender relations, Social Inclusion, Accountability and Transparency, local planning and development, Education, Employment, Health, utilities, Local resources, Capacity development, Needs assessment and CB&T interventions, and Monitoring and Impact Evaluation.